• EVENT TYPE: TYPE: Birds of a Feather
  • DATE: Tuesday, November 14th
  • TIME: 5:15PM - 7PM
  • ROOM:703

The SC17 BoF continue discussions that were begun during SC16, share results from the “Challenges” annual survey (now in its seventh year and provides great longitudinal information of interest to systems administrators who wish to know what others are using for scheduling, security, etc.), develop competency (workforce development) for HPC, explore how federated and interfederated cyberinfrastructures can be shared with regions that lack resources, improve cybersecurity in shared cyberecosystems, and facilitate access cloud resources(CI) through federated identity. New chapter officers will be announced, and audience-driven discussions will be fostered to help shape the SIG’s scope for the coming year. SC17-site

  • EVENT TYPE: TYPE: Birds of a Feather, Other Event or Reception
  • EVENT TAG(S): Education and Training
  • DATE: Wednesday, November 16th
  • TIME: 12:15PM - 1:15PM
  • ROOM:250D

This BOF is hosted by the Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing in Resource Constrained Environments (SIGHPC-RCE). Information about the SIG will be shared, and six topics of interest to attendees will be presented. The SC15 BOF was attended by 30 delegates from the US, Europe, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) HPC Forum, SADC Advisers, and others. Group objectives were discussed as were common challenges for those who support research in resource constrained environments. Since SC15, SIGHPC-RCE and others have collaborated with STEM-Trek to define a number of projects that are in various stages of development. SC16-site


  • EVENT TYPE: TYPE: Birds of a Feather, Other Event or Reception
  • EVENT TAG(S): Outreach
  • TIME: 12:15PM - 1:15PM Central
  • ROOM:16AB

ACM SIGHPC (Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing) is the first international group devoted exclusively to the needs of students, faculty, and practitioners in high performance computing. Members and prospective members are encouraged to attend the annual Members Meeting. SIGHPC officers and volunteers will share what has been accomplished to date, provide tips about resources available to members, and get audience input on priorities for the future. Join us for a lively discussion of what you think is important to advance your HPC activities. SC15-site

BOF @ SC15: Collaborative Paradigms for Developing HPC in Constrained Environments

  • EVENT TYPE: Birds of a Feather
  • EVENT TAG(S): Outreach
  • TIME: 12:15PM - 1:15PM Central
  • ROOM:17AB

Computational science and engineering provides the potential for addressing many problems facing countries on the African continent. HPC in Africa is in its embryonic stage, and growth requires significant increases in resources. Challenges include increased investment in infrastructure, accompanied by increased scope and innovation in the basic STEM disciplines. The newly chartered Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing for Resource Constrained Environments (SIGHPC-RCE) provides a forum for industry, academics, and government entities for building partnerships, collaborations, and outreach initiatives towards addressing these challenges. We invite everyone interested in learning about and solving these problems to attend this session. SC15-site